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KSS was incorporated in 1987 and aimed to procure projects in air conditioning and fire protection services through out Malaysia.
In line with our aspiration to improve the quality and value of our works, KSS destined to attain the ISO 9001:2000 certification and it was achieved in March 2002. The scope of registration is to supply, install, testing and commissioning and maintenance of air-conditioning and mechanical ventilation systems. With this milestone, we assure our customers benefit the best value of our professional work quality.
In our aim to expand our services to our customers and to broaden our customer base, KSS had expanded in 2000 to venture into area of building and civil contracts.

Committed to provide continues professional work quality and service at the cheapest cost and committed to continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.

KSS has established a network of after sales service. These include offices set up in strategic cities to serve customers. E.g. Langkawi and Alor Setar. With teams of expertly trained service technicians, are able to provide prompt responses to customer requests and complaints.
In order to compliment and improve customer satisfaction, a customer relationship management system simply called the 'CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT SYSTEM' (CRMS) is carefully designed to increase the efficiency of our daily operation. Besides compelling technicians to response to customer complaints at a specific time frame, CTS also allows technicians to record and check warranty of services installed, history of complaints and breakdown calls, customer and vendor records and most importantly to improve our service quality.

Area of our expertise: Mechanical engineering works with specialisation in HVAC and Fire Protection. We have extensive experience in installation of air conditioning systems in power plants. To name a few power plants that we have undertaken: Kapar, Genting Sanyen, Powertec, Segari. We also under take air conditioning and fire protection systems for schools, office and shopping complexes, hotel as well as hospitals.




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